December Collection post: Books I HAVE to get through by the end of this month/year!

The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries - Otto Penzler Holmes for the holidays - Scarlet - Marissa Meyer When Did You See Her Last? - Lemony Snicket

I don't think (crossing fingers) I'll have much of a problem getting through these four books by the end of the month.


The last two, Scarlet and :"When Did You See Her Last?" are from the library and I'm hoping to get through them post haste. Both are sequels to books I've read fairly recently, but I confess, I'm looking forward to Scarlet much more then the Snicket book. The first book of his new series wasn't what I was hoping for. Scarlet has me really excited as I just finished Cinder a week or so ago and the cliffhanger ending is still gnawing at me. I can't wait to see where Meyer goes from there!


The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries and Holmes for the Holidays are my attempt, for the first time in my life actually, to read seasonal Christmas books during the actual Christmas season. The second I've had for at least two years and have just never gotten around to it. I have this vague idea that I might have read it back during middle school but am unsure. Christmas Mysteries is, I think and hope, going to be awesome as it has many of my old sleuth friends as well as many new ones.


Here's to celebrating the season with some good puzzles and a juicy murder or two!