The Composer is Dead - Lemony Snicket explaining the orchestra? Sign me up!

The Composer Is Dead - Lemony Snicket, Carson Ellis, Nathaniel Stookey

The Composer is Dead is another in a long line of books by a mysterious author called Lemony Snicket. He is known best for detailing events of such horrible and tragic natures, he must warn away his readers at every opportunity.

Therefore, it is my duty to warn you away from clicking on the subsequent link to my full review of this frighting book full of speaking instruments, loud music, and a mysterious death. You have been warned against clicking below.



*The Gush*




I knew as soon as I heard about this book that I would like it. Lemony Snicket, with his humor, tackling the parts and functions of the orchestra is a match made in heaven. I will admit, the 'solution' at the end was rather obvious but all in all it is a great little book.



However, the book is only part of the reason for the high score. The true reason lies with the CD included with the book.



I can hear people ask, "Why should we care? It's just the audio book, right?"






The CD is Lemony Snicket narrating an orchestra that plays around and in connection to the text of the story. Think Peter and the Wolf, if you've seen it actually performed, but the story concerns the orchestra, not just highlights sections of it. The instruments themselves explain their role in the larger group and emphasize this by playing examples of this. Snicket is, of course, droll and slightly dour but he works well in making the whole experience believable and even gives the different characters voices. The CD should be listened to with the book, as there at a couple of sections where Snicket reacts/doesn't react that aren't capable of being captured in the book.






Very little here. I do find the recording to not be of the audible quality I would have expected from Harper Collins. It's not bad, just not superb and is a bit grainy.






Whether you (and hypothetical children, if you have them) are wanting to learn more about the orchestra or just want to enjoy more of Lemony Snicket's brand of humor, this is a wonderful little book that is sure to delight and educate at the same time.




The best of both worlds.

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