Reading progress update: I've read 99 out of 336 pages.

The Surrogate Assassin - Christopher Leppek

Finally started on this, my planned Wimpy Book Challenge book for this month. I bought this was some Christmas money when I finally found its name after years of looking.


I first read this book in Knoxville...well over a decade + ago. I remember being shocked by it but really enjoying reading it and planning to reread it. However, the wealth of that city's public library system kept me from ever seeing that through and I, sadly, didn't keep track of my reads during my childhood and youth. I regret that every day.


As the cover tells you, this book concerns the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth. The book is set a few years after the event when Edwin Booth, actor and brother to the infamous killer, arrives at 221B Baker St. to ask for Sherlock Holmes' help. There have been three attempts on his life and begs his first cousin (! I remember being shocked by that but also thinking it cool; now I think...Booth is Holmes'...American Cousin!) to find the would be killer.


The story, of course takes them to America and is involved in the dark deeds at the end of the War. Holmes and Watson are in New York with Edwin Booth currently and...the game's afoot!