Thunderbirds...In Space (Thunderbirds Comic Album # 2) - Finally, after all this time!

Thunderbirds in Space (Thunderbirds Comic Album) - Gerry Anderson

5 Stars


Review of Thunderbirds to the Rescue # 1 - Please check this review out, as I introduce each character complete with a picture.



I can't explain how happy I am to finally have this book in my hands. When my dad purchased these books, this particular volume was missing and back then, we didn't have access to Amazon...if it even existed then. With no good way to find a copy and no one but me even interested, I worked hard to shrug it off and enjoyed what I have.


But I HATE not being able to read a whole series.So this Christmas, with an Amazon Gift card burning a hole in my pocket, I simply had to take the plunge and complete the collection. As soon as it arrived, I sat down and devoured it. And...I guess the stories were worth the wait.


The Space Mirror:

Boy, they sure don't pull any punches from the start! This has to be some of the more violent scenes I've seen in this series but the story is really interesting and the weapon IR (International Rescue) has to take out is pretty scary. The images are more...gritty then some of the other stories, which works really well for this particular story. There was only one problem with this story, though it was rather a major one for me.

John and IR kill the criminals! What?! Yeah the story was interesting and I love seeing John and TB 5 (you never see them enough in my opinion) but that is not Thunderbirds!

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Operation Depthprobe:


A pretty hair-raising story as IR races against time to keep a huge section of the American West from blowing sky high after a secret operation is compromised by a Bereznik agent (Soviet terrorist group - kinda). Brains is a big part, which makes it even better!

This is pretty scary, actually. After nearly destroying a huge section of America and killing a bunch of people, we see the scientists go straight to recreating the dangerous experiment! One would hope they might possibly learn something!

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The Atlantic Tunnel:


Ah, the Hood returns. Bad but fun times are definitely ahead. We actually get to see Kyrano and Tin-Tin in this one, not to mention Brains and Alan get a large part by getting into trouble far away from Tracy Island. The story is exciting and the tension keeps mounting. This is the best story of the three included in this volume.


As well as the above stories, we get the technical diagrams of the remaining three Thunderbird machines (the first two included in the first volume). These are quite good and I can spend quite some time trying to find all the indicated places. I especially like seeing the living quarters on TB 5 and the rescue areas of TB 3 and 4.


While this was worth the wait, I'm glad I finally got the chance to read this!