One Piece Vol 69 - Punk Hazard actually gets...tolerable

One Piece, Vol. 69: S.A.D. - Eiichiro Oda

This will not be a full review for two reasons: 1) if I did that ever line would be a spoiler as this is so far in the series and 2) writing a full review for each volume gets r e a l l y tiring.


  • We actually get to see the new baddies long introduced fight. They are awesome.
  • We see at least some (a good bit) of the horrors going on in Punk Hazard
  • We get a glimpse of just what is going on in the New World. Doesn't look good.
  • We learn what Trafalgar Law just might be up to (I don't trust him at all), interesting.
  • Dragon. Awesome, small, dragon.


I'm actually looking forward to the next one. While I've yet to LIKE Punk Hazard, I no longer hate it. Way to go, volume 69.