My Wimpy Book Challenge For February


February - Revive A Stalled Series


If for some reason (other than it started to get awful or awfully hard to read as had dragged on well past any originality) you stopped reading in a series, start reading the next book in series (re-reading the last one because it's been so long your forgot is acceptable; duology and trilogy books also count as series reads).  Not a series reader?  Find a new to you book by an author in a genre you used to read a lot but have not in a while.



  1. Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next Series - First Among Sequels (audiobook from library)
  2. Ouran Host Club Manga Series - Vol 7 on
  3. Andy Lane's Sherlock Holmes The Legend Begins Series - Rebel Fire
  4. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy - # 2 The Edge