Star Trek IDW Comic Volume 5 - This is what you get for putting off books you know you want to read!

Star Trek Volume 5 - Mike Johnson;Ryan Parrott

I've been following this comic series almost from the beginning, though I've been holding out for the graphic novels because I like having (mostly) complete stories, better binding, and - I'll admit it - they look better on the shelf. For my reviews of the previous volumes, please check these out: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 4.


The long awaited back stories of our favorite crew! Once I cracked open the cover, I dove right in and didn't come up for air!


Here we go!


Bones: For the first time we see Bones is his role as Chief Medical Officer aboard the ship. When asked why he signed up for Starfleet, we travel back to his life before we meet him in the 2009 film. We first see him as a boy who wants to see the moon and who breaks his arm and is taught not to rely on technology but be prepared for less then ideal conditions. Something he certainly takes to heart. We see him meet and marry the woman who will leave him nothing but his bones. We also see how hard he fights; as if he wages war with death itself. What made him join? The answer will surprise and touch you. Thank you Bones; you are as much a miracle worker as Scotty in two universes.


Uhura: Wow. That's about all I can say right now. Not only do we get to see Spock and Nyota get together but we also get to see her as a young girl, headstrong, and full of knowledge. During a great crisis, will she learn to listen instead of simply hear? Personally, I've been unconvinced of the Spock and Uhura relationship in the films. We're told they're together but the most we see of their romance is them fighting in Into Darkness and a quick make up kiss. This is the first story in the comics I've read that begins to convince me. One of the better stories I've read.


Scotty: Scotty's fore barer on the HMS Enterprise saying 'She's givin' us all she's got' was awesome. Well, he sure doesn't disappoint; Scotty manages to land in scrape after scrape. He gets into Starfleet by the backdoor, so to speak, and seeing the infamous dog transporter incident was hilarious. The ending is priceless and you can practically hear Simon Pegg say it! My one issue with this story is the fact that only maybe three times does Scotty look like Pegg. The rest of them were so different, it was as if everyone was a different person. I realize we were seeing him at various ages but that's more than I can satisfactory explain away.


Red Level Down: Chekhov and Sulu get their chance to shine and boy, do they. Sulu is facing his last test before being named a member of the Red Squad, an elite cadet group that guarantees you a fast track to command. Meanwhile, the same cadet who gave Sulu his final test, is shown picking on young Chekhov; she's also apparently thought highly enough of to give a speech on the anniversary of the Federation's Founding. After being tripped by the cadet, Pavel is helped up by none other then Cadet Jim Kirk. I won't spoil the rest of the story but both of the boys learn what they truly want. A great story that ends as the Enterprise is about to warp out to meet it's destiny!


Kirk telling Pavel that getting revenge is not what he wants to do, that it will do something to you that you don't want. That made the volume for me. That entire scene was one of the best of the series.

(show spoiler)


This volume easily took the # 1 slot as my favorite in this series. While I expect that to be overtaken by the Khan volume (I can't wait!), that's saying a lot. A must read for fans of the reboot and those who've been wishing for something beyond retellings.