Dying for Chocolate - I love rereads...particularly when someone is reading it to me!

Dying for Chocolate (Audio) - Diane Mott Davidson, Barbara Rosenblat

Crazily enough, my sister and I are rereading these at the same time, though she's getting through them faster as I'm trying to get through challenges as well. I loved the first one of these audiobooks and the second one was even better!


To read my thoughts on the book as a whole, please check out my original review of the book from last year: Dying for Chocolate. I will be focusing solely on the audiobook here.


Once again, the reader really added something to the text. Many of the characters I'm seeing in a new light or at least giving them a second glance. This time, it was not only Goldy who blew me away but Adele. I had never really pictured her as an old woman, even the text clearly says she is, and the voice she was given had me scrambling with my changing view of her. The author may create very human characters but this narrator truly brings them to life.


I'm already half way through The Cereal Murders!