Ruby Red - Wow, I don't remember getting on this roller coaster...

Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier

Despite my fear of heights and sudden shocks, I love roller coasters (though not wooden ones - too loud and shaky). The anticipation as the car s l o w l y climbs up the hill, the sudden drop and thrill as gravity takes over, the twists and turns as you rocket along the track: it might be a short ride but it's hugely entertaining. However, you don't get on a roller coaster to make your way across the park. It might be a fun ride but you never really get anywhere.


That sums up my feelings on Kerstin Gier's Ruby Red. An immensely exciting book with more things going on then you'd possibly imagine; however, I reached the end feeling as if I'd learned basically nothing and never got anywhere.


Not that Ruby is a bad book, far from it. Once I picked it up, I devoured it in a matter of a couple of hours and greatly enjoyed my time in Gier's world. Gwen is a great character; funny, a typical teenager, sees ghosts no one else can see...and has suddenly found her life getting a whole lot more complicated. While it might technically be the 'average student learns they're destined for incredible things (usually magical in nature)' trope, Gwen and the interesting world she lives in caused me to overlook that until I was already hooked.


And the book is solid. the characters are three dimensional and life like, the world is interesting yet believable, and the wring is excellent and tight.  The author clearly believes in show, not tell, with the reader and main character learning (and not learning) information together. Kudos to the translator as well; the writing flowed perfectly and there was no issue with reading as I've experienced in other books.


And yet, this book was incredibly frustrating! Nothing happened! Oh there were situations and events galore but looking back, I read 300+ pages of introduction! I still have little more than hints of things to come, half vaperous ideas, and a whole book read! Did I mention I'm not a fan of cliff hangers? I didn't really (well I kinda did but...) mind the ones in Cinder and Scarlett because you got a fully formed story out of the bargain as well. This...I don't know. I'm almost half way through Sapphire Blue, so we'll see if we get answers.


But I'm hooked and I can't wait to see where Gier takes us! Great characters, an interesting take on time travel, and a mystery/conspiracy makes this one very intriguing book.


This is for my own info as well as for people who've read the series.


I think St. Germain is the big bad. Either he's looking for eternal life or control over something. I just can't figure out what Lucy and Paul found out!

And I think George is in on it!

(show spoiler)