The Cereal Murders - Another re-read...and remembering some issues with this one

The Cereal Murders - Diane Mott Davidson

For my review of the story, please check out my review for the book: The Cereal Murders.


Listening to this again reminded me of things good and bad about this book.



  • Goldy and Shultz are really becoming serious. This might contain one of the only 'sex' scenes in the series, and it goes only slightly beyond closing the door.
  • Julian looks to become a permanent character. I love the family Goldy is slowly growing around her.
  • You see Goldy start to come out of her shell in this book. She's even joking about people dealing with divorce (about their lack of humor at the exact time they most need it).
  • The narrator is still really adding to this series!



  • You know, I remember writing that review while I was hip deep in the next book's story...and it shows. Obviously the 'wedded bliss' had gotten to me. The mystery is not...bad...but the situation around the killings is. I mean, really...there has to be more going on here then killing people over grades! Yeah, people can get a bit crazy over that...but I'm not sure on a second time around I'm buying it.
  • Goldy's answer at the end is a bit abrupt even with everything going on in this story.
  • Ok, I like Goldy's spunk and how she goes to great lengths but she had NO thought of her own safety. If I were Shultz, I might have murdered that woman. Seriously, THAT'S true love.


Looking forward to the next one! It's probably my favorite.