Notes from the Internet Apocalypse (Audible) - This is the first of a trilogy? Backspace...Backspace!

Notes from the Internet Apocalypse: A Novel - Wayne Gladstone

Yeah. This is what I get for trying a book out without reading reviews concerning it. The idea sounded interesting, so I thought I'd give it a go using my Audible account.


I won't make that mistake again!


I can't quite put into words why this book and I didn't click. I can see why people would like it; the premise alone makes it worth a glance and the writing was decent.


Maybe it's because I didn't warm to the main character, Gladstone. I like dry humor, but I felt he was so dry as to be brittle and impossible to connect to. The other characters were not really much better. I realize that this has a noir feel and those rarely have sympathetic characters, but I simply could not connect with any of them at all.


The humor didn't really work for me and even after listening to well over an hour of the audio book...I just couldn't bring myself to care about much of anything. Even the surprising entrance of a military presence that was the first bit of the story to pique my interest was not enough to hold me much longer.


Basically, I found this all rather bland, 2-D as another reviewer recently called it, and non-descriptive. We were told where the characters went, as if all these places would mean something to people who might never have been to New York, but the setting never really...happened. The characters kinda walked around in a fog. Also, the constant internet name-dropping was being tedious. Bad sign when that's suppose to be a major part of the book.


Anyway, most of my lackluster reaction to this book can be traced to the fact that it simply didn't work for me. I can see why people might like it and find it funny, which is why I gave it two full stars. I can see the just doesn't seem to reach me.


I'm just thankful for Audible's policy of if you don't like the book, you can return it. Thank you!


Happy reading to all, and to all a good book!