Sapphire Blue (Book 2) - Are these even separate books or are they one big book broken into three?

Sapphire Blue (Precious Stone Trilogy, #2) - Kerstin Gier

For a more in depth look at characters, writing, etc., please check out my review for the first book Ruby Red.


Okay, as is clearly illustrated by the fact that it took me close to a month to finish this book, I had some difficulties with the second book in the trilogy. This was not a bad book, it was interesting, the characters were as before interesting and very three-dimensional, and the pace is still ridiculously fast.


So what was my problem?


Actually, much the same as my issues with the first book. While we do actually begin to get somewhere in this book, there are still many mysteries that go unanswered. We do get some evidence of what's going on - many of these clues point to some of my pet theories on this series (see below for my predictions for the next book), but it all seems slight and I feel it's all going to be jammed into the last book. :(


Also, Gwen finally managed to get on my nerves. She's still cool but then she has moments of unmitigated stupidity. During the last 50 odd pages, she actually does something I'd label TSTL (Too Stupid To Live). It was so painful, I stopped reading to pay attention to the gruesome part of a documentary I was watching - the very reason I was reading, so I wouldn't see those parts! I hope that never happens again. As for Gideon...Gideon! I swear, I want to smack that boy! I think he's trying to be good,

despite the fact that I believe the Count has a strange hold on him,

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but he has no sense of timing!


And then it just stops. Stops! Right after something completely out of nowhere is dropped on your lap. Gier, I like your writing a lot! but you're Killing Me! OMG!


The epilogue did however give me more proof of my suspicions though.


I thought my library didn't own the last one, but I've just found out they do...but there's a waiting list and so we'll so who lasts...the list or me.


Predictions for the final book:

Please tell me the Count isn't looking for world domination! I will seriously throw this book! Mr. George is totally in on something...just not sure what. Mr. White will turn out to be good. Gwen is Lucy and Paul's child - I'm sure of this! Gideon is an idiot - duh! - but will somehow sweep in and make up for his stupidity!

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