The Marshmallow Incident - Eh

The Marshmallow Incident - Judi Barrett

As stated elsewhere, I love Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and after reading Pickles for Pittsburgh, I wanted to see what else the duo Ron and Judi Barrett had done.


What I found was this. A story concerning right and left handed people divided over their dominant hands and by a dotted yellow line maintained by the Knights of the Order of the Ambidextrous. No one has ever crossed the line...until one day the unthinkable occurred!


I found the story funny, particularly when the marshmallows come into play. However, I also found myself confused by the underlying meaning of this book. They spend so much time focusing on right hand and left hand, but at least when I was in school and I'm assuming today, that issue is largely moot. While many things are still built with righties in mind, at least they're not rapping your knuckles with rulers when you write left handed, as a family member of mine painfully remembers. While it could be as my husband pointed out, taken as political right and left, that doesn't ring right either. Maybe this book is as simple as learning to accept different points of view, a good lesson for all of us. However, that could have been accomplished by a multitude of different ideas.


Whatever the reasons, this was a entertaining little read that points out not only the silly things that can separate us...but all the fun you can have with Marshmallows!