Cress - What a great book in the series...wait, Winter comes out WHEN?!

Cress - Marissa Meyer

These books just keep getting better and better. Cinder was a good start and Scarlet showed the author's growth. I thought this book would be good but, in my mind, nothing could beat Scarlet. And while the previous book will probably remain my personal favorite, Cress blows the rest out of the water when it comes to story.


First though, lets talk about the latest Sailor Scout Mercury...Cress. A Lunar shell, she's been locked into a satellite by a witch...with a b (lol) and becomes their number one hacker, espionage, and technological wizard. We actually briefly 'met' her in the first book, when she gave Cinder information to try and protect Kai at the Ball. Now we learn she's masked their location and is anxious to give more aid. However, this is a fairy tale retelling and we all know what's going to happen to her and her 'prince'. Come on, you can't even say it was obvious, more like a forgone conclusion. An 'old' friend returns and the moment we've long been waiting for finally arrives. Hang on folks, the story is going from Zero to Sixty!


And that is what makes this story slightly above even Scarlet. While the second book almost seemed like an interlude, albeit a necessary one, the third one is rocketing us to the conclusion. Cinder is gathering her forces, gathering information, and finally making her plans to stop Levana (who I still call Queen Beryl at times when I can't remember her real name!). There's action, tension, fear for characters' safety and so much more. Yet, we also get to know our characters better and see them change and pull on their chosen (and un-chosen) mantels.


If these books keep getting better, I can't imagine what Winter will be like and I can't wait to find out. For people who've read the previous books, pick this up right now. If you haven't, go back and read the first two and enjoy a great series.



The rest is for my personal notes and anyone whose read this book:

I've wondered about the Dr. and his child, and predicted Cress was his daughter a bit before they met. As stated before, I also totally called Thorne being blinded - I mean really. On a positive note, he's finally grown on me; I didn't find him as annoying as I did in the previous book. I had wondered about the Plague previously, it all seemed so neat and was so helpful to Lunar plans. I'd hoped Levana would not get any worse, but oh well. I'll admit, I'd like to see some back story and dimensions added to her. She might just like to be evil but I'd still like to know more about her. The kidnapping...what is with Cinder and parties? Does she have something against them? >_< I loved that whole section though! And Kai and Cinder meeting...finally! OMG, best part yet! The scene was perfect, touching, angering, and after all this time, very satisfying to read. But Scarlet! Wolf and her are hands down probably my favorites and I hated seeing both of them suffer, though I did like the glimpse of Winter we got.

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Scarlet and Wolf aren't going to be reunited for awhile. :(

One of Winter's relatives will die (Levana we hope!), has anyone else noticed that a family member of the MC of the book dies every time?

The war is going to be bad.

The mutated plague is going to play a big part in getting Cinder on the throne.

Her and Kai getting together is going to turn out to be politically good.

My big question is what about the genetically modified soldiers; I have no idea what's going to happen with them.

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