One Piece (Vol. 70): New World - FINALLY, something happens!

One Piece, Vol. 70: Enter Doflamingo - Eiichiro Oda

Warning: Spoilers are mild, I only mention that a section ends. Nothing about what happens.


*hugs book* Thank you, thank you; we are finally done with Punk Hazard! Never have I wanted an arc to end more...not even the Alabasta one (and that resembles the Song that Never Ends waaaay too closely). I think I finally see where some of this is heading, as well as the situation within this new area of the sea. We are also finally getting a chance to see just how much things have changes since...the major event.


I used to hate Trafalgar Law...but he's growing on me. I think Luffy and his crew are infecting him and that is a good thing.

(show spoiler)