Anatomy of Steampunk: The Fashion of Victorian Futurism - I'm buying this as soon as possible!

Anatomy of Steampunk: The Fashion of Victorian Futurism - Katherine Gleason, Katherine A. Gleason, Diana M. Pho

As I've taken too long and have to take this to the library today, this review is not going to be as thorough as I'd like. However, this is simply so much information in this book, I could literally write about it forever.


This book is simply stuffed with pictures, descriptions, explanations, and thought provoking ideas. It shows the work of fashion designers, DIYers, and everything in between. You see people push the bounds of what you might think of as Steampunk, familiar faces, and amazing accessories. Because lets face it, that's one of the charms of Steampunk fashion - the accessories.


This book has DIY projects that despite my issues with building anything, I plan to attempt. You are introduced to musicians, actors, and more. There was literally not a page I didn't want to write copious notes on. So I'm going to have to buy this ASAP, because I simply can't remember everything I want to!


One of the boutiques featured is familiar to many of us, or at least it's work is. You've seen two of it's outfits here:





I recommend this book to anyone interested in Steampunk. It's more then a picture book, it also discusses the thoughts and feelings behind the movement.