Emerald Green (Ruby Red Trilogy # 3) - Thank goodness it's over...but...

Emerald Green (Precious Stone Trilogy, #3) - Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell

Well, it’s done. I really didn’t believe we could wrap up this complicated tale in one book. My thoughts on the first two books can be found here and here, but both can be summed up easily: we get nowhere VERY fast. While some answers could be found in the second book, they were few and everything was left for the last book to wrap up.


And it did…except the timing slowed down. Oh not a lot, because then the book would have been three times the length but we went from a roller coaster ride, to a sprint, and finally to a…stroll? All the excitement and thrust of the first two books seemed to level off and things just happened. Discussions…happened. Finding important information… happened. Answers to questions…happened. And plans got put off for the reason of…because. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this book and it was great to have everything wrapped up, but this whole trilogy reminds me nothing so much as those children’s chapter books that have set page numbers and everything is wonderful and exciting and then…we have to end because the pages are running out and oh do you think we’ll make it and yes there’s a ending but it all came together magically and do you think anyone will notice?




And yes, carrying the idiot ball moments continued while information dropped in their lap. Suddenly, we discover what Gwen’s grandfather found for her. Suddenly, Gideon gets a brain. Suddenly, they begin to…work together. What a concept.


Okay, I’m giving you guys the wrong idea. By and large, I enjoyed this finale. My questions got answered, and things began to happen. Many of my suspicions did turn out to be true.

Her whole talking to the dead thing was the gift of the Raven (though there was more to it than that – and what the heck, book? Suddenly, she’s immortal? Seriously, give us a bit of warning for that. Also, what about long term consequences? Nope…nothing about that, huh?). Count St. Germain was the big bad and yes, he’s looking for immortality…again. I’d thought for a while that Lucy and Paul cared for Gwen a bit much for their family relation to explain away. I’d thought in the first book, been pretty sure in the second, and got confirmation here that they were her family. And yes, some of it makes sense, the combination of two blood lines of time travelers in her. And I’d been sure one of the people around them was working directly for St. Germain. Hadn’t quite figured out it was him but I’d wondered at the end of the second if he was still around somewhere.

(show spoiler)


Even after all this time, I’m still not sure how I feel about this trilogy. I’ll probably re-read it next year all in one go, because I feel I missed some foreshadowing. Because this was so well set up in almost all other respects but a couple reveals at the end just…don’t make sense to me. One I talk about in the above spoiler. I just…I’m very torn about this book.


I still plan to buy it. That should tell you something. ;)


Happy readings, y’all!


Fun fact: As I was reading this, a podcast I listen to (Stuff You Missed in History Class - highly recommend) did an episode on St. Germain! It was so neat to learn what we know about him historically while reading this fictional account of him. I highly recommend the episode to anyone who is reading or wants to read the trilogy.