March and April Review Part II
March and April Review Part II

On to part II!

March and April brought about two crazy issues for me. One was that I couldn't seem to stop tripping over Jane Austen books (whether by, about, or influence by) and the second was that I read a great deal more non-fiction books then normal - and only one could work for my Sail Through History Challenge. *sigh* Seriously, I need to start really checking if my history books are actually written by an historian.


Jane Austen books:


Among the Janeites - 5 Stars - Review

Mr. Darcy's Decision - 2 Stars - Review

The Mysterious Death of Mr. Darcy - 3 Stars - Review

Persuasion - 5 Stars - Review

Sense and Sensibility - 4 Stars - Review

A Wife for Mr. Darcy - 3 1/2 Stars - Review



The American Home Front 1941-1942 - 5 Stars - Review

Anatomy of Steampunk - 5 Stars - Review

The Inheritor's Powder - 3 Stars - Review

The Civil War in 50 Objects - 5 Stars - Review

Stuff Every College Student Should Know - 4 Stars - Review