Noodlemania!: 50 Playful Pasta Recipes - and is this going on my To Buy list!

Noodlemania!: 50 Playful Pasta Recipes - Melissa Barlow

Words cannot describe how much I love pasta and cute things. Any dish with noodles, I am almost certain to like. And while I am by no means 'girly,' I love cute things like:









This book fulfills both of these loves.


The recipes are in almost every instance very simple and look extremely tasty. While they are geared for kids, anyone who likes fun food dishes will enjoy these. There are several I want to try but one of my favorites is the 'Purple Pasta Monster.' Another interesting one is the 'Under the Cheesy Sea Shells':

Like others, these use food coloring to make the dishes look fun.


While I'm not the best cook and cookbooks themselves tend to intimidate me, these just look like lost of fun and seem easy to make. I'm going to buy it ASAP!