A Fitting End (Magical Dressmaking Mystery # 2) - Keep them coming library! :)

A Fitting End - Melissa Bourbon

Ah, a return to Bliss, Texas; is there anything better? All our old friends are back: Harlow Cassidy, her family, Zinnia James, Josie Kincaid now, Will and Gracie Flores, and Sheriff McClaine. There are new people to greet us though and a new mystery as well.


A golf pro who practices 'tennis pro' habits *wink, wink* is found dead, stabbed with Harlow's shears and the police suspect her friend Zinnia James! While Harlow sews dresses for the pageant in town and steps into Zinnia's shoes, she's also busy digging up some secrets long buried in Bliss. Secrets that may have already brought about one death!


I'm beginning to wonder if our poor MC is ever going to get through a book without a ton of dresses on impossible time limits! She needs some elves to help out (though one could argue Will and Gracie qualify). We learned a lot more in this book, including family history Harlow didn't know! This town just keeps getting more interesting!


I'm even more on the fence though about Loretta Mae's ghost. The new info is...not what I was hoping for.


And while I'm glad our stubborn MC and Will have at least taken a step. I'm eying Gavin McClaine with apprehension. Please, please tell me that is not the dreaded triangle I'm seeing in the making! Not only is that disappointing, I can't stand the characters at all.