A Letter of Mary (Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes # 3) [Audible Version] - It's amazing how much I learn from these books!

A Letter of Mary - Laurie R. King

Another great book in the Holmes and Russell series, and one that I see as an actual mystery. A woman, really a friend they met in their travels in the Holy Land visits them bearing a possible first century manuscript apparently written by a Miriam of Magdala! Latter that night, Dorothy Ruskins is killed by an automobile and the couple have a duty to a dead friend to complete. There are three possible suspects and the two detectives work with Lestrade and Mycroft to discover the murderer.


This is an interesting volume, both like others in the series and yet standing apart somehow. Truthfully, there are times I forget this is the third book; not because it's sub par but it simply...doesn't quite fit somehow in my mind. Not in a bad way, just what it is for me.


I love Dorothy Ruskins, she's a fun and interesting character and the plot and mystery are quite entertaining. One of my favorite parts is a brunch and more at a manor house where Russell meets a friend of hers. He's a fun character, actually making the serious scholar laugh out loud; however, he's also a reminder of the Lost Generation that came out of the horror of WWI. He has always stood out in my memory more then almost any other character in this long series.


An interesting part too is seeing for the first time Holmes and Russell act as 'husband and wife'. They are by no means conventional but they have found a new level of companionship together and it shows through small moments and slight differences in speech and reactions. It's wonderful to see.


The narration is as perfect as ever. The new characters each get a voice and I particularly loved her voice for Miss Ruskins. It fit perfectly with her character.  I could listen to this book for hours and this one, I did a time or two.


And what of the Letter of Mary? It's an intriguing segment of the story and loams large throughout the other events.


And so, on to the next one and the one that introduced me to Laurie R. King's wonderful series: The Moor.