A Killing Notion (Magical Dressmaking Mystery # 5) - I need a Tardis to take me to January!

A Killing Notion - Melissa Bourbon

Yes, I totally caved and picked it up immediately. I have no self control with series.



My last visit to Bliss till next year; I miss it already! Homecoming has returned (which I like about as much as pageants) and Harlow is once again helping Zinnia James with another event, providing handmade dresses to two girl in foster care. She is also supervising Gracie making her dress and running a class to help girls make mums to wear with their dresses. I've never seen or heard of these ribbon made, huge 'mums' but they are fun to learn about here.


However, a local man is found dead in a one car accident and it is found the steering's been fiddled with. His son is the main suspect, who is Gracie's boyfriend and date to the dance. So Harlow's again dragged into the middle of a mystery, this time with Will along for the ride. I do hope that arrangement continues; I heartily approve. But nothing is as it seems and the secrets run very deep in this one!


I loved seeing the continued steps of Harlow and Will's relationship and there is also a lot of Gracie here.


As for the mystery:


I knew they were the same guy! They were never seen together, they both were gone at the same time, and the phone thing really clued me in (the lack of photos didn't hurt my suspicions, to be fair). And Danica just worked for me from the first. It was either her or Leslie and she didn't seem as hurt as Eddy Blake's daughter would be. Also, she was suppose to know about racing and there were a couple things said by her; too, her reactions at times to Shane and things Gracie said were big clues.


But it wasn't easy; I love an author who makes me work for the solution!

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I don't think I can wait for A Seamless Murder, I need my return ticket to Texas now!