Better Than Homemade: Amazing Foods That Changed the Way We Eat - I have a page and a half of notes!

Better Than Homemade : Amazing Food That Changed the Way We Eat - Carolyn Wyman

Do you eat Tater Tots with a fork?1


What was used to color the Horse of a Different Color in The Wizard of Oz movie?2


Do you know the real name of the Pillsbury Doughboy? And his family?3


Answers below!


All of these answers and more can be found in this book. Full of interesting tidbits and history I'd never heard before, Wyman's book is something you can taste test or gorge yourself on in one sitting. All of your favorite (or not!) foods are here: Kraft Mac and Cheese, Spam, Little Debbies, Wonder Bread, Pringles, and so many more.


This small book is a great compilation of short, informative text; extra information sidebars; recipes; and many pictures of products and advertisements. More importantly, it's a fun and easy read. Make no mistake, this is not a serious history text. There are no notes, either foot or end ones, and nothing more than an index that is largely unnecessary but helpful at certain times. This book is more for fun and "huh, I didn't know that" facts as well as trips down memory lane.


I definitely want to encounter this book again, not sure yet if I'll buy it or not.


Favorite Quote:

"Winding spaghetti on fork tines is one of those life skills--like riding a bicycle or tying shoes--you don't just pop out of the womb knowing. So anyone who sets a toddler down in front of a bowl of sauce-soaked spaghetti should do so with fear, trembling, and a bottle of Mr. Clean at the ready."


This book is full of these tongue-in-cheek moments.


On a tangent, I keep coming across books by Quirk completely by accident. It's reaching Twilight Zone levels. *eerie theremin music plays*


Another interesting note: if your footnotes are under a spoiler tag, clicking on the number won't take you to them unless the spoiler tag is clicked. That's so cool!




1. [Over 50% of the population does! I'm one of them.]

2. [Jell-O. The SPCA-approved "paint" for the different colors.]

3. [Poppin' Fresh, Poppie, son Popper, baby Bun Bun, cat Biscuit, dog Flapjack, and a bachelor uncle Rollie!]

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