Library Wars: Love and War, Volume 11 - Thank you! The ending was different!

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 11 (Library Wars: Love & War, #11) - Kiiro Yumi, Hiro Arikawa

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The battle begins. There is some blood here, and one part in particular was the most graphic image I've seen in a shoujo manga, but it's not terribly bad. The aftermath of a battle is dealt with on an emotional and psychological level; much more then I expected. This is a very thought provoking book, even though this is only a small part of the volume. The local library's bad situation blows up in its face - quite literally - and the Defense Force stays for awhile to stabilize the issue. Thank goodness this story doesn't end like the anime! I was so scared and that's why I didn't stop till I read the end.


Warning: I discuss the major difference between the anime and manga and there are MAJOR spoilers below. Don't read unless you don't mind them or already know!


In the anime, it is not the local library's forces' head who finds the director about to set fire to exhibit pamphlets, it's Dojo! He hits his head and is in a coma for awhile only to wake up with no memory of who people are! Iku really struggles with this and their discussions on camomile lead up to the ending. It was well done and fits with much of what was in the manga...but I didn't like it as it ends too soon after this major emergency! Interestingly enough, Genda is still shot as well. In the manga, it's the local forces' head and Genda everyone is worried about. 

(show spoiler)


The group returns home only to learn horrible news!

Commander Inamine steps down!

(show spoiler)

Around this though, Iku takes several steps forward on a personal level that's been a long time in coming.


The end of the year arrives and the new one promises to be interesting.


The bonus manga has a supernatural bent and is kinda...odd.


And that's it for awhile. The 12th volume doesn't come out till September...I'm counting down the days!