Copycat Killing (Magical Cats Mystery # 3) - *Squeals of Joy*

Copycat Killing (Wheeler Large Print Cozy Mystery) - Sofie Kelly

My review for previous volumes: Curiosity Thrilled the Cat and Sleight of Paw.


I LOVE this series! There are so many reasons for this: the MC (whose a librarian!), the setting, a Carnegie library, Marcus Gordon, librarian, the CATS!, the library, the mysteries, the characters...and did I mention that Kathleen is a librarian? I wasn't sure if I should try it - magical cats are not entirely my thing - but I'm glad Murder by Death pointed me to it.


"The rain rain rain came down down down In rushing, rising riv'lets,

'Til the river crept out of its bed And crept right into"...the Artist co-op!


As with the last book, weather plays a significant role in the story. Half the city seems to be underwater. Once again, Kathleen and her friends have all the knack of a bloodhound as they find not one but two dead bodies! If I were Marcus Gordon, I'd have a 24/7 watch on this woman! First Kathleen is sent falling by part of the Wisteria Hill land collapsing and revealing the bones of long buried body. Then she and Maggie discovers one of the co-op artist drowned in the flooded basement of their building. With our MC caught between two cases and two friends, Maggie and Roma (the bones were her father they all believed left them high and dry), she's going to not only need her cats to help her but to keep a good relationship with Marcus Gordon. And that's something she just can't seem to do when he's in detective mode.


The mysteries kept me guessing...mostly because I was too busy enjoying the rest of the book! But I did get it in the end. This time there were minimal suspects but the author still managed not to be too predictable.


It was the ending of the book that really got me though.

Marcus does read...and he invited her to see he's books - that's major! And the library celebration took place! I loved the ending of this book and I think they are finally taking steps towards a relationship!

(show spoiler)


Can't wait for the next one!