Design for Murder (Death on Demand # 2) - Is Annie ever going to not be in trouble?

Design for Murder (Death on Demand Series #2) - Carolyn G. Hart

You know, when it comes to books, I never seem to learn my lesson. After downloading and reading Death on Demand in one sitting, I checked to see if they had the next one. They did...and I promptly read this one the same day, though this time with breaks to make dinner at least!


Annie and Max are back! Her bookstore is doing well and Max has stayed in the island, setting up his Private Detective job. They are closer then they were...but that doesn't mean they aren't still bickering fairly often. When a local town hires Annie to run a Murder Mystery contest during their historical house tours and celebration, she gets more than she bargains for when a real body is found in the middle of her fake crime scene! Poor Max! Once again, law enforcement has their eye on Annie.


The mystery was not bad and though I did figure out who did it earlier then the last book, it was a pretty little puzzle. There were plenty of suspects for us to play with!


However, I didn't like this book as much as the last one. It was quite good and I'd easily read it again, but it just didn't completely measure up to the first.


But it was an engaging, fun, and quick read. I've already got the next one on my phone...but I haven't started it yet.