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Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition, Vol. 5 - Natsuki Takaya

Finished Vol # 9.


You know...I don't remember reading this. It said I had but hadn't reviewed it, but much of this came as a surprise to me.


Ah, summer. Our trio has lazy days ahead of them, complete with Shigure's bizarre comments, Yuki's...unique Student Council officers, Momiji's plans for them dropped on them unawares, Uo-chan meeting a man she really likes but know little about, and Kyo's dark future intruding on their pleasant times. I don't think this summer is going to be restful!


There were some very interesting segments in this volume, one in particular that finally gives us Hana-chan's back story. It's been a long time in coming, as we've gotten to see Tohru's and Uo-chan's much earlier. It explains a great deal and shows that everyone in this series has issues and emotional scars that they long to be healed. Tohru's friends fit in all too easily with the Zodiac members.


The scene where Kyo's teacher and surrogate father finally plays his hand and says he won't let the cat be locked up for the rest of his life was amazing...and yet very worrisome. I can't help but feel that his hand was played far too soon.


And Uo-chan's romantic interest. I kept thinking I knew him from somewhere, but for the life of me couldn't place him.

The final scene were we see him return to Akito makes it all too clear. I KNEW I'd seen him! And can we seriously make this any more complicated. Anyone that close to Akito is going to be bad news for the kids; everything Akito touches even remotely only  hurts the Zodiac.

(show spoiler)


Well I'm excited. I have another volume I don't really remember and more coming to me soon! It was great to visit the Sohma's again and maybe this year I'll finally find out how the series ends!