Final Catcall (Magical Cats Mystery # 5) -LOVE...and HATE. But mostly love.

Final Catcall - Sofie Kelly

My reviews for previous volumes: Curiosity Thrilled the Cat, Sleight of Paw, Copycat Killing, and Cat Trick.


After the disastrous ending of Cat Trick, I was not sure I could wait for my request from the library came through. I was 3rd on the list and I needed to find out what happened immediately! So I broke my self-imposed rule and went to the bookstore. Turned out to be good haul for L.L. (my husband) as well, so glad we did it.


I, of course, started reading it as soon as I bought it. And found out that the shadow sitting in the rocking chair on her porch was not who I wanted it to be. Though I really should have known, it was blatently obvious he would arrive now (I'd known since the first book he'd make an appearance). He was every bit of the A-hole I thought he would be. *Sigh* He should have at least sought an Exceeds Expectations!


And yes, I totally yelled at the book; once again, the characters chose not to listen to me!


The mystery itself was quite interesting, mostly for the people it brought to town. We finally get to meet a family member of Marcus Gorden, his sister, and finally we get to see Kathleen's mom live and in person. I hope with the book once again ending before all the elements do, we'll see more of her. I did pick who dunnit rather early but interestingly enough, it was through the craziest of minutia.

When she mentioned how picturesque three sailboats on the lake were, I said "BINGO!" Andrew had mentioned noticing them while at the scene of the crime and for some reason, this stuck in my mind.

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The best part, though also the part I invited the least, was the painful interactions between Kathleen and Marcus. We've seen them go so s l o w l y into their relationship, as someone put it: "fossils move faster." There were always issues though and they came to a head in the last book. Now the tables have turned and the two of them are finally seeing the other side's point of view, up close and personal. It's been a long time in coming and it's handled perfectly. Even they point out how ludicrous it is that Kathleen is the one cautioning someone to let the police handle the case and Marcus the one whose sticking his nose in!


The part that most got to me was Andrew at the end. I wanted to drop kick him out of town!

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This is my favorite book of this series yet! I can't wait for the next book; hope it's soon. I can never say no to a return visit to Mayville Heights!