#BookadayUK - Day 4-7: Getting more for your money!

Meet Molly: An American Girl - C.F. Payne, Valerie Tripp Redwall  - Gary Chalk, Brian Jacques Artemis Fowl (audiobook) - Eoin Colfer Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban  - J.K. Rowling

Day 4: All-time favorite American Novel for 4 July Independence Day


The American Girl Series - Molly: This company was all but made for me as it combined two things I loved when I was young: history and books. The dolls were a huge bonus. My favorite, and first doll, was Molly MacIntire who experienced WWII on the American home front. Spunky, teaching the reader about history, and - most importantly - wearing glasses, she was an easy choice for my first doll and still ranks as the best birthday gift ever. I still keep up with what the company is doing and a secret hope of mine is to own every doll...but she will always be my favorite.


Day 5: Most delicious novel about food


Redwall: I never think of this book without remembering the feast that takes place at the beginning of the book. All the lovely food, from nuts to cheese and bread and a huge fish, makes me hungry ever time I read it. I swear you can smell it while reading that part.


Day 6: Which book will you put down today to watch the Wimbledon tennis final?


Artemis Fowl [Audiobook] - I didn't put a book down during the final...as we didn't get to watch it. We went on a road trip and so I finished the audiobook I've been listening to, the first Artemis Fowl book. I love this series and have to pick it up every so often to enjoy them all over again. As I've yet to read the last two books in the series, I plan to finally listen to all of them and finally finish one of my favorite series.


Day 7: Most chocolately novel - it's National Chocolate Day!


I can't think of chocolate anymore without thinking of Professor Lupin handing out Honeydukes chocolate after the Dementors invade the Hogwarts Express. And there were times in the later books where I really needed a chocolate frog or two handy!