Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Affair # 2 [Audiobook] - Personal feelings aside, a decent sequel

The Arctic Incident  - Eoin Colfer, Nathaniel Parker

Review of the first AF audiobook.


I've always been torn over this book and the audiobook made little difference. Before and after reading the book, I'm not very excited about it. While reading/listening to it, however, I greatly enjoy it and find it fun. Even when I'm not enamored by the book, I can agree it's a good book and a decent sequel.


Some of my less then impressed feelings for this book might come from the fact taht i"m not a fan of the goblin gang or Opal Koboi. Oh my word, I'd be happy to never see her again.

No such luck, at least one other book has her return!

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However I do love seeing Artemis change even more and how dedicated he is to saving his father. Butler and him make a good team but what I really love is seeing the return of Root, Foaly, and Holly Short as they worry that humans are invading. And who else could do that but Artemis Fowl?


In this book, we learn even more about the fairy world, which is one of the better parts, not to mention seeing Mulch Diggums again!


Once again, Nathaniel Parker does an excellent job. Not only are his established voices and accents still really good but he does an amazing Koboi (it was perfect for her) and very passable Russian accents.

The best part of this book, for me, is the growth of a believable friendship between Holly and Artemis. Though what his school councilor would say if he knew the people he'd comes to respect were not only not human but mythical fairies has always brought me a laugh at the end of the book!

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Another great re-read and all the more reason to wait impatiently until the next audiobook gets returned to the digital database. Please hurry and finish!


Update: The next book's come in and I'm off to listen to it until I sleep.