Honeymoon with Murder (Death on Demand # 4) - Beware mother in laws bearing beige robes!

Honeymoon With Murder - Carolyn G. Hart

Death on Demand series reviews: 1, 2, and 3.


I can't say enough about the Death on Demand series, except that I wish I'd known of it years ago! I'm trying to spread them out in order to enjoy them more and so here I am at the fourth volume. I'll admit, I hadn't expected Annie and Max to marry so soon in the series, but this was a great read.


After the events of the last book, Max's mother had all but complete control of the wedding and while it might not have been as bad as Annie feared, it was close. Their first night's suppose to be in her house before they went off on their honeymoon...except the phone rings and brings another murder down on their heads. Finally, neither of them are suspects; this time the honor goes to Ingrid, Annie's employee at Death on Demand and her friend. Though I'm not sure I can forgive this book for bringing Brice Willard Posey back to torment me!


A vicious man who spied on his neighbors and tired to emotionally hurt them is found dead, stabbed with a family heirloom sword in Ingrid's living room. Annie and Max are brought to her house by her frantic phone call, but their friend is missing and a search is immediately started. While the island comes together to find the missing Ingrid, Posey "takes over" the investigation since the Chief is on vacation and has decided Ingrid's guilty. It's once again up to Annie and Max to solve the mystery...with the unwanted help of Laurel and her psychic friend!


I know some people don't like all the name dropping of mystery writers and their books, but i love seeing all the new and old names and how they connect with types of mystery. The plot was interesting and I liked meeting the new and seeing the old characters. The mystery was quite good and I didn't guess who it was at all.

Though it ended up being the one I hoped it would be. I just wasn't sure the two cases would be connected.

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My main issue, besides the police chief being absent and Posey returning (why can't someone kill him!?), was Laurel front page and center through the entire book! That is cruel and unusual punishment; that doesn't even include Ophelia! But Henny almost makes up for it.


Bring on the next book! I need a return trip to Broward's Rock.