#BookadayUK - Day 29: Favorite likeable villian

Star Trek: Khan - Mike Johnson Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan - Vonda N. McIntyre, Harve Bennett

Well, this was a no brainer.





*clears throat* Sorry about that. Anyway, I liked Khan Noonien Singh from the original series; Benedict Cumberbatch playing him in the reboot movie just made it better. I've often wondered what could have happened if the first Khan would have decided to work with them, what he and his group could have done as part of the Federation. This idea has got me even more intrigued with the reboot series...what could have happened if Pike was the one to find the ship rather than Admiral Marcus.


Anyway, no matter how angry I get at the devastation Khan causes in each universe, I can't help but find the character well, fascinating.