Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder (A Pizza's Lover's Mystery # 2) - Not as good as the first but not bad

Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder (A Pizza Lovers Mystery) - Chris Cavender

Eleanor, you and I need to have a talk. I enjoy your books: the mysteries are decent, most of the characters are good, and I love reading about all the pizzas! I usually end up getting a craving for it while reading this! But I swear you're trying to get on my bad side.


Well it's working.


Let me explain.


Eleanor is recovering from the last adventure, selling pizzas, and having the occational dinner with David. However, things begin to fall apart. First, she is robbed one night on the way out to her car. Greg, one of her student workers, is going through a bitter battle with his beloved (by their mother certainly if by few others) brother over their grandparents' bequeath to the both of them. Wade believes he should get most if not all of it, rather then half. And then, things being to go south with David.


When Wade is found with his head bashed in by her rolling pin in her restaurant's kitchen, the Chief focuses his eye solely on Greg. Eleanor is not about to allow that to stand and again tracks down the truth. This time I felt the risks she took were excessive at times; actually, I found myself questioning her quite a bit. I'm not sure she made some of the best choices her. Still, it was a quick, enjoyable read.


Except for the situation between Eleanor and David.

Okay, I get that she can't seem to let go of her husband's memory. I realize she loves him. That does NOT give her the right to treat a good man like crap! And maybe she should listen to him and her sister; they care about her and see things she doesn't. I found her quite mean a couple of times in this book and I think it's past time she start to let go.

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While I didn't enjoy this as much as the first one, it was still a fun read and I like Greg. I'm worried about the next one though.