I'm back! So sorry for the long absence!

Seriously, I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that I've been gone for all but two weeks! Not being on here for that long only exacerbated my disbelief of how long I've been feeling bad.


After an amazing short vacation with family and meeting a new friend (and lots of new books involved as well!), I came home and promptly got sick. I've been fighting it ever since and had no energy to do much of anything - not even much reading. Finally shook that off and then had to take care of stuff that had piled up.


Anyway, all that to say I'm sorry I've been nonexistent on here and have missed out on some awesome books, I'm sure. However, trying to go through everything I missed would be a nightmare. So starting today, I'm back, hopefully for quite awhile and I should be posting reviews and more during the next few days.


It's so good to be back on Booklikes, life's been dull without it.