One Piece Vol 71 - Colosseum of Rascals: Finally, a new arc!

One Piece, Vol. 71: Coliseum of Scoundrels - Eiichiro Oda

Well this was...different. I can see where this might be going but things seem to be moving quicker then I would have expected. Perhaps during Luffy's group fight, things will be covered more in-depth. Still, we've met some new characters that I think we'll love and been reintroduced to some I'd rather not have seen again. And what we learn about Bellamy the Hyena makes me very nervous for our friends in the sky.


The group is dispersed, usually not a good thing, and the Navy is there.


And I'm not sure I want to know what is going on with this island. From what we've seen so far and considering Don Flamingo himself, it can't be good.