Meeting a Booklikes friend and a massive book haul!

This is something I wanted to post awhile ago but between forgetting to get permission and then getting sick and falling off the radar, this is my first chance to do so.


The first weekend of August turned out to be extremely interesting for LL and I. This month is the birthday capitol for my family: of five people, three are born in August. So we'd already planned to try to head down at some point but a conversation with Murder by Death turned it into an amazing weekend. Turns out, we both knew this amazing used bookstore in Chattanooga, called McKay's, and she mentioned seeing if she could go up and check it out. As it's kinda close to my parent's house, LL voiced what I'd been too timid to do more then contemplate: asking if we could meet there.


Long story short, it worked out and I spent some of the best hours I've ever spent in a bookstore (and that's saying something) with Murder by Death, getting to gush over books we both loved and reveling in a ginormous building packed with books at amazing prices. It was amazing the books we found, several of them we'd been looking for and we also got to recommend books to each other as we browsed. I can't remember the last time I had more fun. The time flew and I came home with way too many books, but mostly just happy to finally get to meet a Booklikes friend in person!


Thanks, MbD for taking the chance to meet an online acquaintance, and glad you had time in your crazy and amazing vacation for one more meeting.


Donna Andrews Meg Langlow mystery series:

A Murder Hatched (Books 1 and 2 combined)

Owls Well that Ends Well

The Penguin Who Knew Too Much


Diane Mott Davidson Goldy Bear Series:

The Last Suppers

Tough Cookie


Magical Cats Mystery Series:

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat (not pictured)

Sleight of Paw (not pictured)

Copycat Killing


Lady Darby Mytery Series (Thank you Mbd for introducing me to this one!):

The Anatomist's Wife

Mortal Arts


Stand Alones or parts of series:

The Lost Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - based on radio plays staring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. In a fit of stupidity I'd gotten rid of my copy years ago and was lucky to find this.


Murder at Longbourn - recommendation from Murder by Death


Mr. Churchill's Secretary - great price and been meaning to read for ages (not pictured)


And Only to Deceive - MbD bought copy too; group read, maybe?


Working Stiff - recommendation from Murder by Death


Rurouni Kenshin VizBig #7 - only missing 6 and any after 8


Death on Demand - Hardcover! Can't believe I found this!


Temeraire: In the Service of the King - A three in one compilation of the first three books in the series. I devoured the first two on the way down there and was so excited to find this!


Reluctant Witness - Civil War book my Dad gave me; previously read


Last Sleep: The Battle of Droop Mt. - Civil War book my Dad gave me; not read yet.


Total: 20 books! So happy!


As you can see, a fun and book wealthy weekend. Lots of these were new series/books I've read about and needed to own desperately. LL got half a dozen or so, so we have a good bit of books to fit in here somewhere. Though, we partially bought these books with trade in credit for books we turned in. One reason I love McKay's, I usually come out with less then I took in.