Agatha, Girl of Mystery # 4: The Heist at Niagara Falls - Muskrat, Oh Muskrat!

The Heist at Niagara Falls #4 (Agatha: Girl of Mystery) - Sir Steve Stevenson, Stefano Turconi

These short tales never fail to entertain. Once again, Agatha, Dash, and Chandler race off to do Dash's homework. I'm sorry but this has to be the ultimate peeking over someone's shoulder.


This time they're off to Canada and the magnificent falls seen there. A famous opera singer, Helga Hofstetter (who Chandler is a huge fan of), is staying at the fabulous Outlook Hotel near the Falls and her jewelry has been stolen. Despite a state-of-the-art security system, there are nearly zero clues, except for a pelt of the Muskrat. This leads the group to conclude the infamous jewel thief Ratmusqué (hint, hint) is to blame. With the hotel owner Rex Cornwell forcing his way along on their investigation, they race to the thief's hideaway in the Canadian wilderness...but just what will they find when they get there?


The family member on call this time is Scarlet Mistery, a journalist who is able to drive them into the wild when they need it and do some research but truthfully, she wasn't needed as much as other family had been. Though she was a lot of fun and I wish they'd done more with her. 


Again, this one actually had a bit of mystery in it, though it would be easy to overlook given the series' track record.

Figuring out that the hotel owner was shady wasn't particularly hard, but I was actually surprised that the man formally known as Ratmusqué was Dash's spy contact!

(show spoiler)


Another fun, short story in this series and I can't wait to see where the next one takes us!


Note: Ratmusqué just about killed me because my brother and sister love this absolutely crazy song addressed to a Muskrat asking it why it smells so bad. They sing it all the time and just the name of that poor, innocent animal is enough for that stupid song to get stuck in my head.



You're welcome.

(I'd never actually heard anything but the two lines directly about Muskrats. Interesting.)