Doctor Who Episode Deimos (Eighth Doctor) - I can't tell you how excited I am!

Doctor Who: Deimos - Jonathan Morris

Doctor Who BBC radio 4

I’ll confess, Doctor – for me – often means more the new series rather than the originals. My brother though has attempted to educate me properly and while the Eighth Doctor’s movie is…interesting, I quite liked this incarnation of the man and was sad that there were no other episodes, etc. I was glad to finally see his regeneration into the War Doctor but again, he didn’t really get a chance to shine. So when I discovered the existence of these radio shows, I bemoaned the fact that by the time they made their way over here (which they only have with the surge of interest over David Tennant and Matt Smith’s doctors), they are too much for my budget. If the choices are books or these CDs, the books win out every time.

So discovering I could listen to the episodes that were up on the BBC player, I nearly cried. Then I sat down and listened to this show. I might not know a great deal about the Ice Warriors of Mars but I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure. Having the archeologist carry the idiot ball and endanger people for knowledge is a clichéd trope and one I’m not a fan of but the rest of the story made up for it and again, BBC radio productions continue to impress me.

I can’t wait for The Resurrection of Mars!