Real Murders (Aurora Teagarden # 1) [Audiobook] - A decent story and audiobook

Real Murders - Therese Plummer, Charlaine Harris

I appear to be hit or miss with Charline Harris. I love her Shakespeare series but the Sookie Stackhouse series, despite interesting aspects, I've never really warmed to. After listening to the first book in this series, I'm not sure where it will fall on that scale.


Aurora Teagarden is a librarian in her small town in Georgia, Lawrenceton, and a member of the local true crimes club called "Real Murders". Things begin to go badly when one by one their members begin turning up dead, their murders staged to recreate famous historical murder cases. Clues lead to others in the club and Aurora and her mother are even targeted by poisoned chocolates, though fortunately they don't eat them.


"Roe," as she's often called, gets dragged into investigating the case as most of the police don't believe the connections to famous cases and the killer is obviously a member of their group. There's the dreaded love triangle (gag) but I could usually ignore it. The characters were interesting, though Roe was the most developed and I didn't particularly care for her mother - reminded me too much of the mother from the Hannah Swenson series.


The mystery was interesting and I didn't suspect who done it at all. The most interesting part of the story, however, was the information on true crimes, quite a few I didn't know. I need to some research on these cases as some of them sound extremely interesting. (Here is a list of references mentioned in the book, if anyone is interested in looking into the cases.)


The narrator was very decent, easy to listen to, and gave each of the characters some distinction from each other.


All in all, I enjoyed this audiobook and the story; I plan to continue the series. It's not exceptional but a quick, fun read. I'm a bit worried about that love triangle, though.