#BookadayUK - Day 2 (October): Happy Birthday Snoopy! Favorite fictional dog

Corgiville Fair - Tasha Tudor Inuyasha, Volume 1 - Rumiko Takahashi

I don't read "dog books", I haven't on principle since Old Yeller - which scarred me for life. However, fictional (non-realistic) dogs, particularly anthropomorphic ones, are exceptions.


Corgiville Fair has been with me most of my life and I never get tired of taking in the detailed illustrations that accompany this delightful little tale. A small New England town "peopled" by Corgis, Rabbits, and Boggarts (not at all what you're thinking) is a lovely little outing I return to again and again.


Inuyasha is a fantasy and historical fiction manga concerning a half human, half dog demon (from Japanese mythology) that involves time-travel, a quest to stop a world-domination/destroying villain, and lots of humor and action. The title character might get on my nerves but he's one of my favorite manga characters of all time.