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March 2016
The ones I'm interested in: The Attack on Titan stuff (Vertical's going to be putting out another novel?) Cells at Work! - T...
So I know I haven't been in here much. We've been packing our stuff, making decisions on what to take, what to give away, and...
I went to the neurologist this morning, and it looks like I'm going off prednisone! So (fingers crossed) no more steroids fo...
Just seen on goodreads: Yes, because now everyone who wishlisted "it" or was considering buying will no doubt be really ...
I feel like I'm stuck in the five circles of snobbish hell right now. Nancy is so over the top I'm not sure I can take it til...
I can't recommend this one highly enough - I enjoyed almost every single bit of it. Everyone did a great job with narration,...
Well, that ending wasn't what I expected. Somewhere in the last year I got the idea that something happened to one of the ch...
Translation choices are fascinating. Which reminds me, one more book and I lose the ability to compare Eugene Woodbury's Tw...
Ah Vel.
Oh, and the A.I., Constance , is back. Definitely evolved sentience and still evolving. (Shhhh...outside of the crew that's...
And two Maria Hills and Avengers fighting Avengers. And yet all I can focus on is this moment: They made up! The...
Seriously good science fiction. More than the first books this one certainly is out there in where certainly there is more t...
I love this crew! *snicker* "...can kill someone with just her pinky. I'm not kidding about that." I rather needed a b...
Which subscription boxes have you used or still use and are happy with? I've looked up Comic Bento, but I seem to have a bu...
Initial reaction: Man, this book hit my heart in so many places. It's a read that definitely hurts and has many angles that h...

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