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March 2016
The ones I'm interested in: The Attack on Titan stuff (Vertical's going to be putting out another novel?) Cells at Work! - T...
So I know I haven't been in here much. We've been packing our stuff, making decisions on what to take, what to give away, and...
I went to the neurologist this morning, and it looks like I'm going off prednisone! So (fingers crossed) no more steroids fo...
Just seen on goodreads: Yes, because now everyone who wishlisted "it" or was considering buying will no doubt be really ...
I feel like I'm stuck in the five circles of snobbish hell right now. Nancy is so over the top I'm not sure I can take it til...
I can't recommend this one highly enough - I enjoyed almost every single bit of it. Everyone did a great job with narration,...
Well, that ending wasn't what I expected. Somewhere in the last year I got the idea that something happened to one of the ch...
Translation choices are fascinating. Which reminds me, one more book and I lose the ability to compare Eugene Woodbury's Tw...
Ah Vel.
Oh, and the A.I., Constance , is back. Definitely evolved sentience and still evolving. (Shhhh...outside of the crew that's...
Seriously good science fiction. More than the first books this one certainly is out there in where certainly there is more t...
I love this crew! *snicker* "...can kill someone with just her pinky. I'm not kidding about that." I rather needed a b...
Initial reaction: Man, this book hit my heart in so many places. It's a read that definitely hurts and has many angles that h...
So starting this third in the series that's been on my TBR a while. And series actually thrilled me (but got put on backburn...
What a shocker.I did not expect to enjoy this, it's a NA, which I've had poor luck with. I was ready to quit at 10%. I hated ...

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