A Grave Matter (Lady Darby Mystery # 3) - Recommend having this handy while reading # 2

A Grave Matter - Anna Lee Huber

Do not read the second book in this series without having this on hand; you have been warned. I literally put down Mortal Arts in order to pick up my phone and start the library ebook copy of this.


After the events of the last book, Kiera was left devastated and retreated from both society and her art. However, a disastrous first-foot at a family member's Hogmanay Ball brings another case right to her doorstep. This time, she has to contact Gage, asking for his aid and opening up the Pandora's Box that his presence brings. But the strange case needs both of them as former wealthy men are being dug up and their families receive ransom notes for their bones. The families pay, the terror of their beloved father, etc. not being able to rise at Judgement Day makes sure of that, but Gage and Kiera are focused on stopping the gang and bringing them to justice not just for the desecrations but the murder of a cemetery watchman. There are many questions and the answers lead them to Edinburgh and beyond.


But what I loved best about this book was the growth in Gage and Kiera's relationship. Finally, we see them take some serious steps towards being a couple. Kiera still has issues to work through; she seems to only deal with things when she's forced to, which makes her very human. Also, some of the issues surrounding their relationship come from more than just the scandal, so I found it understandable Kiera had difficulty work through some things.

Much of her hesitation and hang up came more from her self-image, which never seemed to be great and her husband's actions and the scandal compounded.

(show spoiler)


Mostly, I loved where this book left us and where it most likely promises to take us next. I'm hoping we will meet more then just Kiera's extended family soon.


An enjoyable read and one I've already reread. Though I don't yet own a copy of this one, I plan to before the fourth one comes out next year. Can't wait!