On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington # 1) [Audible] - Not quite what I was expecting

On Basilisk Station  - Allyson Johnson, David Weber

For my thoughts on the book, plot, characters, etc. please see my review.


As can be seen from my review above, I love this series and have revisited Manticore and its universe many times. Most of the books so far have been five stars or high fours. So when this and a later audiobook came up on sale on Audible, I jumped on them.


It wasn't what I expected.


The narrator, Allyson Johnson, does an...okay job but I would say by no means great. Which is sad, because I'd hoped to love the audiobooks. The biggest issue is one I can't really place entirely on her, the pronunciation of Manticoran. It should be Man-ti-core-ahn but she says it Man-tik-er-ahn. GAH! I can not put into words how jarring it was to hear this. every. single. time. It through me out of the story continually, though about halfway through the book, it did lessen a bit. In a note, Weber states she had asked for the correct pronunciation of words and he evidently carried the idiot ball for one crucial moment. Joy.


But the other instances have no discernible reason. Johnson, does rather adequate accents and even gives people from different planes different accents, something mentioned consistantly in the books. Unfortunately, half the time she chooses the wrong accents or gives characters, such as my favorite White Haven, too old voices or too young for others. At times, the voices boggled my mind.


Despite my complaining, I still enjoyed it and the fact it is unabridged goes a long way to keeping me okay with this.


If you like the series, this is a new and different way to visit Man-ti-core again. Just be wary if you're a stickler for correct pronunciation.