The War to End All Wars: World War I [Audiobook] - Meh

The War to End All Wars: World War I (Audio) - Russell Freedman, Zach McLarty

I'll confess, I don't know WWI like I should, particularly since I'm so interested in its effects on the British home front. So I decided to snag this audiobook from my library's online book site. There was nothing outstanding to tell you it was a YA non-fiction book, though I figured it out quickly by the writing and the fact it was barely over three hours.


It was not a bad distillation of the events and I did finally manage to cement a timeline after several years of cramming it in my head. I'm still iffy on all the battles but I'm getting there. The book also set up how the conflict got stated better then many others I've heard or read. The writing is approachable and it educates, it doesn't confuse or talk over the reader.


It is, however, boring.



I know I zoned out more then a few times on this short audiobook. The narrator was nothing special but by no means monotone either. I can only conclude it was the writing and yes, while it was simple and easy to listen to, it was also easy to ignore. I don't know, maybe this would have worked better reading it rather then listening. The fact that despite multiple repeats I couldn't seem to grasp some of the sections is the reason I've marked this down so much. I've requested the book from the library to see if reading it would be better.


All in all, this isn't a bad audiobook but neither did it really grab the reader's attention. If you're looking for basic information on WWI though, it's worth a look.