Kamisama Kiss Vol 14 - WHAT?!

Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 14 - Julietta Suzuki


Mikage...Tomoe!...Stupid Nanami...okya, not so stupid Nanami...HER!?...Um, what...No...WHAT!?


That is the non-spoiler version.



OMG! Mikage comes back! Nanami can't do anything, um how did she possibly believe that? So she finally gets a clue one what to do to save Tomoe and we're off the past again. (I think she's trying to tie Kagome or something. I keep saying Kamisama Kiss is the Shoujo Inuyasha.) Totally knew it, the young kami is Mizuki's kami; I'm glad we finally got to actually meet her.


So...why does Yukiji hate yokai? Um, what's going on...WHAT!? Nanami saved him?! How...what...


It can't end here!

(show spoiler)



And yes, I know Kirihito appears but he totally creeps me out so I'm going to ignore him.


So there.