Fun wit Kirk and Spock - I need a copy of this!

Fun with Kirk and Spock (Star Trek) - Robb Pearlman, Gary Shipman

I can't remember when I first learned of this book but I do remember it was from a review on here. I simply couldn't believe such a book even existed. For me, it was similar to the Shakespeare Star Wars books - I had to experience them myself.


And this was fun. It helps that I've read the Dick and Jane book but even if you don't get that level of the humor, the tongue-in-cheek looks at TOS clichés alone are more then worth it. The art was better then I'd even imagined, you can easily recognize each character; in fact I've seen few artists capture them better. At the same time, the illustrations clearly recall elements of the memorable Dick and Jane pictures. Some of my favorites were:




There are so many call outs to favorite episodes, humorous moments, and even the crazy space fashions they wear.


This is definitely a must buy, particularly as I know the illustrations will look better in a physical copy. For TOS fans, this is a must read.