The Short Victorious War (Honor Harrington # 3) [Audiobook] - An impossiblity

The Short Victorious War - Allyson Johnson, David Weber

For my thoughts on the writing, plot, etc. please see my review here.


Another great audiobook by Madelyn Buzzard. I love her choices for the characters' voices as well as how good she is at narrating the battle scenes which I would ordinary and in other books would find boring. One thing I appreciate about Weber - and Buzzard handles it well - is his way of getting into the heads of people like Young. I hate it, because he's view of the world is so warped, but even his side gets a voice. That side is never even remotely shown as right, but we get to see why he reacts the way he does...and how he reasons it out in his own mind.


Warning: There is strong language in this book, mostly coming from Pavel Young.