Reading progress update: I've read 111 out of 289 pages.

Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Sex, Deviance, and Drama from the Golden Age of American Cinema - Anne Helen Petersen

A pack of library books I'd requested all came in this Saturday and I'm sort of swamped right now. That's after reading and/or returning 20+ books last week. So that's partially why I've not been on much, I've been reading like crazy in between stuff that has to get done.


This one is going quickly though. It's largely what I'd hoped it would be versus what I'd feared. The author looks at why this scandals mattered at the time, what was done about them, were the actors able to recover, and what changes they spelled not only for Hollywood but for the country at the time. There's a lot of social history being talked about and that's far better then I'd hoped.


The author also does a good job of trying to cover the events as truthfully as possible, mostly by giving you multiple sources and various things they said. Most of it is stuff we're never likely to know for sure.