Kamisama Kiss Vol 15 - Awesome...but no end in sight!

Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 15 - Julietta Suzuki

*inaudible fangirl squeal*


This is fast becoming of my favorite series. I've actually not gotten back into Inuyasha because every time I do...I end up reading this again or watching it.


We're still back in the past and Nanami is doing everything she can to save Tomoe. I love her to death but she can't seem to get a clue!

It's become obvious that she's the woman Tomoe fell in love with in the past, not Yukiji but she doesn't see it and continues to try everything to keep the "storyline" true.

(show spoiler)


I loved how Mikage gently takes her to task: "You are not alone. Tomoe, Mizuki-kun, and all of us care about you just like you care about Tomoe...so you must learn to take better care of yourself. Don't shoulder everything alone. Everyone's watching over you, even if they're not by your side."


Back to the past and this time Nanami draws the attention of Akura-oh. I'm thinking this isn't going to end well.