Abandoned: Snow White Red-Handed (A Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery # 1) - Now may not be the right time

Snow White Red-Handed (A Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery) - Maia Chance

I've been working on this book for the last couple days and that, in the end, is why I'm calling it quits for now. Working.


I'm continuing to read this book because 1) I started it and I feel I should finish it, 2) I should like the premise and I might if I push further on, and 3) I need to read it so I can write a review of it. I don't want to write a review because I feel I HAVE to about a book I'm reading for pleasure, so I'm calling it quits now.


I don't even think it's entirely the book. I'll admit, I don't really care about the characters...like at all. But I am intrigued by the premise and what to know what happens. I think my minds on the other books I want to read - my library stack is close to gaining sentience - and this is just not holding my interest.


So, bye for now. I'll pick you up when I need a mystery as a break from another book.